Since 2012 I worked on various projects as a videographer and cinematographer. Beginning 2017 I worked for two years for the esports organisation mYinsanity, which is the biggest esports organisation in Switzerland. With them I made weekly videos on their Youtube channel, as well as projects for Red Bull, Samsung and Logitech among others.

My Reel

This is my reel with footage of the recent years. Included are esport events, interviews and documentaries.

This is SOS

A Video showing everything SOS Esports does for the SwitzerLAN 2022 Opening Ceremony

mYinsanity CS:GO Documentary

I followed the mYinsanity CS:GO team in 2017 and documented it. Interviews, event footage and editing ingame footage were a substantial part of this project.

mYinsanity @ Redbull Itemania

A lifestyle video of mYinsanity League of Legends team to show behind the scenes of players at the Redbull Itemania.